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Granite is stone which has rich color and fine texture variety, in addition to that it is the hardest material on earth after diamond and an artistic construction material which is widely used around the globe. Due to the fact that granite can be maintained and cleaned easily, it is the most useful material to use in exterior and interior spaces, such as kitchen, bathrooms etc. by which you can maintain hygiene.

At Dagar Impex, we offer Granite Countertops in an assortment of natural stone materials. These slabs are extensively used for external purposes, including external steps and landscaping effects. We can offer a variety of surface finishes, dependent on your individual requirements.

The Countertops can be made from Small slabs or Gangsaw slabs depending on the sizes and the qulaity of the material required. We take utmost care in selection of the slabs, as not all slabs are good enough for making a Countertop. Right from the Color, Pattern and Natural Defects, we take utmost care that the final product is good enough for the most important place in our Homes, Kitchen.

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