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We are Granite processer, Granite manufacturer, Granite suppliers, Granite traders and Granite exporter in India. We at DAGAR IMPEX process granites in form of rough blocks, polished tiles, polished slabs, counters, step and risers. We also process the calibrated and chamfered tiles to avoid thickness variations. We process granite slabs in both cutter and gang saw size.

We offer much kind of Granite colors like Red, Pink, Brown, Black, Yellow, Grey, and White with many patterns.

Tiles size – 305×305, 610×305, 610×610 and any specific size with thickness of 10,20,30,40 mm
Slab size – 700×2400, 120×120 and free length with thickness of 18,20,25,30,40 mm.
Kitchen Top / Counter Top – 700×1400 with thickness of 20, 30 mm
Step N Riser – 33×100+ free length with thickness of 20, 30 mm

Popular granite are Absolute black, Black galaxy, Rajasthan black, Jet black, Kashmir white,P white, China white, Jeerawal white, Mokalsar Green, Nageena Green, Nosra green, Tropical green(Kerala green), Blue pearl, Kinetic blue, Royal Blue, Cheema blue, Crystal blue, Kashmir gold, Ivory gold ,Crystal yellow, Onida orange,Tan brown, Lovely brown, Z brown, G-D Brown, Copper silk, Paradiso, Multicolor red,

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