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Granite is a natural rock which formed in the earth millions of years ago. Granite is a very rigid, non-malleable and hard igneous rock which is used for numerous purposes all over the world. The main composition of Granite is of feldspar and mica. The granite is taken from the earth and then cut into blocks. After this process it is slicing is done as per the requirement. These sliced pieces are thoroughly polished and given shape to use for residential as well as commercial purposes.

The big pieces can be used for kitchen, floors, balconies and bathrooms, whereas smaller pieces can be used for tiles etc.

If you walk into any historical structure, and you will notice that the elegance and majesty of the steps illuminate the magnificence of the building. Since the olden times, builders have fixated their eyes on the importance of staircases by adding a dimension of sophistication and elegance to the building exteriors and the interiors.

The obsession to make staircases flawless has not tattered with the passage of time; but has only escalated a million imaginative designs over the years.


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