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Granite tiles are available with affordable price and are easy to maintain. The extremely good feature of the tiles is its capability to blend quality and strength with awesome look, design friendly, and environment friendly. Granite tiles for floor are commonly used for wall panels and flooring in order to produce exquisite space and place.

Granite has several positive qualities that make them apt for kitchen and bathroom upgrading. Beauty of makes it a suitable material for home design.

Tiles are lighter and thinner than regular granite slabs. This ensures ease of laying and installation, when compared to regular slabs. Inspite of their reduced thickness, granite tiles possess the same durability as granite slabs.They also save on raw material costs; since the additional reinforcement that is required under a granite slab is not required in the case of tiles.

Granite slabs require an absolutely professional workman to do the job. Whereas tiles can be installed by anyone with a reasonable experience of the job. Our tiles are all mined from the same area and packaged together. So that they will complement one another once they are installed.

At Dagar Inpex, we offer tiles that are available in numerous textures and a variety of sizes. They can be used in bathroom and kitchen, on the walls, on the floor, outside, inside or wherever you would want them to spread their charm.


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